New Projects.

26 01 2012

The new semester has started for me.  I think it’s going to be a very busy few months.  Even with my heavy workload I decided to join a mural class here at LCAD.

Info about the mural project is here, here, and here.


Gotta go, Im in class as I write this.





11 12 2011


As I head into the last week of school for this semester, I can’t believe how fast these last 15 weeks have gone by. It seems like just yesterday was the end of summer. And now Christmas is less than two weeks away. But I guess time flys when your happy, and I surely am happy. Sometimes the biggest chances you take in life have the biggest rewards.

Here is a photoshop project I just finished.



22 11 2011


I’ve been very busy lately, with school and life. I can say I have never been happier to be me. That’s cool to say. I’m sitting in Laguna Beach on break from my figure class and I figured I would finally post something again. So here is a figure drawing, white and vine charcoal on toned paper. 20×26. Something finally clicked and I’m beginning to understand how to draw the human figure. Happy thanksgiving everyone.


Real deal.

18 09 2011

This week I don’t have any cool photo to share.  No beautiful beach or ocean view.  No artistic shot of trees or telephone poles.  Nope I busy with homework. So, I’m going to make you suffer along with me. Here is a picture of my desk.  And, the painting on the desk I did last month.  I really like it. I limited myself to two days.  Anyway, I have to get back to homework.  Bobby,


12 09 2011


Another weekend spent drawing. This time taking some time to focus on facial features.

Loss of time.

26 04 2011

I did take my picture for the Friday post but it is finals.  My time is gone before I even know I had any.  I will post the picture tomorrow.  And in news, I have been named as the LCAD Illustration Representative… Sweet.

Time Lapse.

29 03 2011

Here is my first attempt of a time-lapse video of me drawing.

This is 14 hours of drawing in three mins.  If only I could draw that fast.