Real deal.

18 09 2011

This week I don’t have any cool photo to share.  No beautiful beach or ocean view.  No artistic shot of trees or telephone poles.  Nope I busy with homework. So, I’m going to make you suffer along with me. Here is a picture of my desk.  And, the painting on the desk I did last month.  I really like it. I limited myself to two days.  Anyway, I have to get back to homework.  Bobby,



12 09 2011


Another weekend spent drawing. This time taking some time to focus on facial features.

Click time.

10 09 2011

So, I’m determined to keep up on the blog during school.  I want to pick up where I left off with my photos.  So I took my camera out for a spin in between classes.  This is from the trail behind LCAD.  It’s a neat little photo.  

Digital Baby!

7 09 2011

Being an illustration major, i get to learn both traditional and digital art processes.  Here is a mixer of mine drawn completely on the computer using Adobe Illustrator.  Roughly 8 hours invested in it.  It turned out rather well.  Bobby…

Another time lapse

7 09 2011

Last semester I made a tame lapse video of my final for rendering class.  This drawing is gluttony.  In total, this drawing took over 50 hours to complete. It is Prizma colored pencil on brown Canson paper.


New year

7 09 2011

Well a new school year begins and it’s time to kick some ass. I have one year under my belt down here in so cal and at LCAD. I have never felt more in the right place in my life.

Here is a photo of a quick 20 min, sketch from a model from my figure class. I’ll get back on my blogging horse and post something weekly….Bobby,