Time Lapse.

29 03 2011

Here is my first attempt of a time-lapse video of me drawing.

This is 14 hours of drawing in three mins.  If only I could draw that fast.


It’s Friday!!!

25 03 2011

Well I last week was spring break and I was doing homework all week.  That is the reason for no picture of the area.

Although, today we got out early from our Graphic Design class.  I grabbed my camera and went down to get some lunch.

Here is the Lifeguard house on the corner of PCH and Broadway.

Here is the PCH.  This is one mile from the school.  Laguna is such a mellow area.  The people are so chill, it’s a pretty cool place.

This place is my favorite place to grab some lunch in the are.  The price is not anymore than a grocery store would cost, but much better food.  And it’s healthy, because it says so!

Cheap good food and a view like this… Yeah, it’s pretty cool.

13 03 2011

With the great scenery around the school, I have been taking my camera with me more often.  Here is a picture of the beach on the day of the tsunami warning.  I think I’m going to make myself take a picture a week of the campus or somewhere near the campus.  

Till next week.


Busy, busy, busy.

12 03 2011

It has been a very long time since my last post.    The blog is in need of some new art.  Since I just put together a new portfolio, I thought it would be good to post.  So here is some of my work from the first semester and a half at LCAD. There is a little bit of everything. 

This is a Photoshop project.   The dark side of technology.  The photos were taken by myself.

This is an ink painting where we needed to show the human figure with black bands.   Ink on illustration board. 15″x20″

This is a, from life, drawing of a ball on foil.  We were instructed not to use black.  Colors used are White, Peacock Blue, True Blue, Orange, Crimson Red, and Grass Green PrismaColor Verithins.  Size 6″x12″ on grey Canson paper.

This is a texture and shape study.  We had to have one glass, chrome, flat, and made up textured shape with shadows.  This is a black Verithin on cold press illustration board.  9″x9″.

This was a forced perspective kitchen item and paper project.  Again it is black Verithin but this time on stipple paper. 11″x11″

This was the final drawing for my figure class.  I love the angle the light fall on her.  It is vine charcoal and white charcoal on grey Canson paper. 18″x24″

Another figure. Charcoal and white charcoal on Canson paper. 18″x24″

Another figure. Same materials and size as last two.

This was the first project for my graphic design class. Make a cover for our personal journal.  It was created in Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator. 8.5″x11″

The photo of this is so bad.  The background has about nine oil glazes on it that create the sense of depth.  But this is a master copy of David’s Death of Marat.  This was my first major attempt at oils.  The size is 18″x24″.

This was my final for perspective.  It is one, two, and three-point perspective in one composition.  Also there are three different light sources casting their own shadows.  Graphite on Vellum 18″x24″.

This is a three-point city block.  I wanted it to look like this block lifted out of the ground and floated away.  Blue pencil on Vellum 18″x24″

This is a two point exterior.  This was also my first use of Prisma markers.  Markers and pen on Vellum 18″x24″

This is a two point interior and exterior.  This time with a little more thought out shadows. Prisma Markers and pen on Vellum.  18″x24″

This is a one point exterior.  For you Disneyland fans out there, you might recognize that this is Main Street U.S.A.  Pencil on Vellum. 18″x24″

This was a digital graffiti project for photoshop.  I did take the picture.  The perspective tool in Photoshop is a powerful tool.

This was the first project in my Illustrator class.  The figure is a self portrait.  I set up the camera on a timer with the use of multiple off camera flashes.  The color has changed a bit from the original, but you get the idea.  Also, this piece was just accepted into the LCAD student art show. Illusrator 13″x19″

This was a project for my illustration class.  We had to take a famous person and warp their face, but still being able to recognize them after the warp.  I chose Jamie from the Mythbusters.  I went the walrus route, but I made it a little more my own with the addition of the alien as the pilot.  This is graphite on cold press illustration board. 15″x20″

This is another Prisma pencil drawing.  This was a burnishing technique where the use of a colorless blender was used heavily.  The background was washed lightly with watercolor before drawing was started.  Presmacolor pencil on illustration board. 9″x9″

That’s most of the better things I produced. I will be sure to update this blog more often that once a semester.  Before starting art school I really wanted to see what others at those schools were producing.  So to the students out there looking for a school LCAD is great.