My Newest Watercolor Painting.

11 05 2010

Hello Bobby again,

Here is my newly finished watercolor painting.  I really wanted to focus on the clouds in this piece.  I wanted to give a very strong sense of  light and atmosphere.  I started off with a few thumbnail painting sketches to layout my thoughts, and another three weeks of thumbnails to recreate what I did on my first thumbnails.  I hate that when it happens, you spend two minuets on a sketch and hours trying to remember how you did it.  But anyway, I like how it turned out.  Size is roughly 28″x15″.

In other news, I began work on my first oil painting.  I’m just trying to get my hands wet with the medium, but all I seem to be doing is getting my clothes dotted with paint.  As it stands so far it is a cubist-ish piece.  Im trying to not over think the piece, I’m just letting what ever happens happen.  I will post when it’s done.

I have a few watercolor paintings in the works.  I will be posting soon.




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