8 04 2010

Well the meeting went very well.  I found out that I will only need to come up with a fraction of the tuition per year.  That makes me feel much better about this big move.  I also might have an in at Disney Imagineering.  The college was small and I really liked that.  I like small tight groups of people.  Where everyone has each others back.  The weather was great, its only 1.3 miles from the beach.  The college is so great in fact that they have their own in-house Mac Genius. How cool is that.  They really liked my portfolio and the additions I had made since National Portfolio Day back in January.  As a side note, if you want to make art your career you need to go to National Portfolio Day. I have been two times so far, and received such amazing feedback each time.  I will keep you posted.

I will get back on my feet with the posting of art and new art.  Its been a little crazy lately.