Sunny California

29 03 2010

Later this week I, Bobby, will be having one of the most important meetings of my art career.  I will be talking to Laguna Beach College of Art and Design.  This is the school that I want to get my degree from.  I have been prepping my portfolio for months.  Endless hours of painting, drawing, sketching, and coffee drinking have been the norm for me lately.  I will be talking with the Dean of Visual Communication wile I’m there.  As artists we are our hardest critics, and sometimes we doubt ourselves.  I can’t say I wont be nervous, I just hope I don’t wet myself.    I will write about my experience later that night.  Oh, and I’m going to DISNEYLAND!



New Painting

15 03 2010

Here is a painting update. This is the new painting I’m working on. This is my first painting using 300lb Arches paper. This stuff is great, but I do notice a difference between this and the 140lb paper. The washes are much better on the heavier paper. So enjoy, I will post a better picture when it’s near completion.

Something new.

9 03 2010

This was a chance for me to relax and let the thoughts flow out of my head through my arm and end up at the tip of the brush. I let this painting do what it wanted do. I did not try to force it into what it was not. Creative freedom at it’s best.

Cardboard and Wood Sculpture

5 03 2010

I took some pictures of a sculpture I did last year.    It is about a foot and a half tall.

Made of cardboard and balsa wood supports.

There is a different mini paper sculpture in each box.


Cool Video.

5 03 2010

Sigur Ros is a band I listen to often while I paint.  I just found this video and I thought it was great.  This is what we should do more often, let our inner child to play for a bit.  They do not sing in English, but it doesn’t matter.

My New Piece

1 03 2010

Here is the painting I’m working on at the moment.. I managed to take some pictures while I was painting it.  This is a watercolor.  Not sure what I’m going to name it yet.  But, enjoy.

Here is the start of the painting. First wash.

Here I began to wash in some Paynes Grey, to give that stormy look.

Here it is a few steps later.  Actually many steps later.  I really need to document better.