Bobby’s Art.

26 02 2010

Since this is a blog about art, I think it is time to post some of my art.  I like to use a wide range of mediums such as, digital, watercolor, photography, graphite, collage, pen and ink, and sometimes a mixture of a few.  So lets get to it..

The first one is, Ballerina.

This is a collage of toned paper on black paper. It is 18×24. Sold.

Here is s close up of the paper cuts.

Next are two rather new digital pieces I did on my lunch at work.  These are a way for me to just relax and play with color at work.  They are a lot of fun and refreshing to create, I think it’s because I can undo at any time.

This one is called, Turning Point.

And this one to, Key Stroke.

This one was my first attempt at Watercolor. Size 22″ x 30″

I found a great Frank Frazetta ink drawing and redrew it and then painted the color.

It was a little tough because I was trying to keep the look that Frazetta is known for.

That should be ok for now.  With in the next few days I should be getting my camera out and getting a few more on here.

So stop by soon.




One response

21 04 2010

Nice work Bobby, keep it up.

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