It’s better tight!

1 02 2010

I used this video to help me learn how to stretch my paper. There are a couple things I should let you know first. You can under/over soak the paper. The general rule of thumb is: 1 min. per 10 pounds of the paper. Ok so in english, if I’m using a 140# Arches Cold Press, I would soak it for 14 minuets. If I were using 300# paper I would soak it for 30 minuets. I use large 22×30 sheets so I have to soak them in the tub. Make sure your tub is clean, don’t want to get and funk on it. Don’t use a hair dryer like this guy is saying. Let it dry over night and you will be good to go. What he says about the brown tape pulling up has happened to me a few times. I now staple the paper after I put the tape down. It comes out very flat. So get out there and paint.



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