Incredible Art Board Review.

31 01 2010

Today I’m going to talk about this board and what I think about it. It is used to stretch watercolor paper. I received this as a Christmas present. But it was purchased for me at . My first thoughts upon opening this was, “Damn this thing is light.” Its basically just a beefed up foam core board. I have the larger size 24×32 because I like to paint on the Arches 140# cold press rough/smooth paper and i get the 22×30 size. The boards large size leaves room for the gum tape I use to secure the paper while it drys. (I might post a how to stretch watercolor paper later.) The board is right at a half an inch thick. I have stretched five sheets so far and it keeps them very flat. There is a slight bowing when the paper is drying, but when completely dry its flat. The board is waterproof and is reusable. Over all I really like this board. I am finding out that I would like to get a few more, because it take 24 hours for the paper to dry and sometimes an idea can’t wait that long. Overall I recommend it. Its much better than plywood



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