Art of the day 6 & 7

28 01 2010

I missed yesterday’s post so today I will post 2 works of art. Both from the same artist, he is one of my favorites. The artist today is Leonardo Di Vinci. I have always loved his work, both artwork and his inventions. I can’t really say much about his work because I just get this dumb look on my face, sorta like a baby that just went in his diaper. I begin to sputter sounds like, “duh.. buu… frrr.r..aaaa.” I could stare at his figure drawings for weeks and weeks. I’m not going to talk about each piece, I’m just going to let them stand on their own.
This is his later in life self portrait.

Not really sure what it is called, from what I can find “Study of Five Grotesque Heads”
And to make him even more bad ass he was a Ninja Turtle as well!
Rock on Leonardo!




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