Art of The Day #3

24 01 2010

Well today is a rainy Sunday and I woke up early to get to the farmers market in downtown Sacramento.  I love going to the market because there are so many colors and textures to look over. Also, Sunday is usually the day that I cook dinner, so I get fresh veggies to cook with. With all the fresh fruit and veggies I was looking at today I decided to find a piece of art that had a fresh and natural look. I love to look and try to discover how the Chinese artists paint their effortless looking landscapes. So today I picked a piece from artist Xiao Fan called Resting On The River. This is a watercolor. I found it at This has a blend of light washes, dark washes, and dry brush used to create a foggy lake scene. And lately I have had a thing for putting birds in my pieces, (if you take a look at the header up top, I put some in there) and this piece has a few in it. I like the use of a limited color palette, something I need to work with more. I’ve been talking long enough, it’s time for me to wright a paper for class. SO have a great rest of the weekend and get ready for the week.



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