New Projects.

26 01 2012

The new semester has started for me.  I think it’s going to be a very busy few months.  Even with my heavy workload I decided to join a mural class here at LCAD.

Info about the mural project is here, here, and here.


Gotta go, Im in class as I write this.





11 12 2011


As I head into the last week of school for this semester, I can’t believe how fast these last 15 weeks have gone by. It seems like just yesterday was the end of summer. And now Christmas is less than two weeks away. But I guess time flys when your happy, and I surely am happy. Sometimes the biggest chances you take in life have the biggest rewards.

Here is a photoshop project I just finished.



22 11 2011


I’ve been very busy lately, with school and life. I can say I have never been happier to be me. That’s cool to say. I’m sitting in Laguna Beach on break from my figure class and I figured I would finally post something again. So here is a figure drawing, white and vine charcoal on toned paper. 20×26. Something finally clicked and I’m beginning to understand how to draw the human figure. Happy thanksgiving everyone.


Real deal.

18 09 2011

This week I don’t have any cool photo to share.  No beautiful beach or ocean view.  No artistic shot of trees or telephone poles.  Nope I busy with homework. So, I’m going to make you suffer along with me. Here is a picture of my desk.  And, the painting on the desk I did last month.  I really like it. I limited myself to two days.  Anyway, I have to get back to homework.  Bobby,


12 09 2011


Another weekend spent drawing. This time taking some time to focus on facial features.

Click time.

10 09 2011

So, I’m determined to keep up on the blog during school.  I want to pick up where I left off with my photos.  So I took my camera out for a spin in between classes.  This is from the trail behind LCAD.  It’s a neat little photo.  

Digital Baby!

7 09 2011

Being an illustration major, i get to learn both traditional and digital art processes.  Here is a mixer of mine drawn completely on the computer using Adobe Illustrator.  Roughly 8 hours invested in it.  It turned out rather well.  Bobby…